Woodpecker is an up and coming sales enablement & automation tool that let’s sales professionals schedule automated outbound campaigns.

With Woodpecker you can automatically, but one by one, send your cold emails at scale and automate follow-ups.

With reply detection, advanced personalization, and open & clicks tracking Woodpecker is advanced but easy to use.

Getting started

If you don't have a Woodpecker account yet you can sign up for one at Woodpecker.co. Once signed up, you'll need to connect your account to Mailswipe. You can do this through your API key. Here's how:

Step 1 - Locate your API key in Woodpecker

You can access your API key by heading to ‘Settings’, then ‘Integrations’, and then clicking ‘Createa a key’ . Copy the API key that’s shown there and log in to your Mailswipe account.

Step 2 - Plug your Woodpecker API key into Mailswipe

After you’ve copied your Woodpecker API key head over to the ‘My Account’ section in your Mailswipe dashboard and under ‘Integrations’ click the settings icon next to Woodpecker.

Next, paste the API key into the input field and click ‘Connect’. Your API key will be stored and used to synchronize your new leads to Woodpecker.

If at any point you’d like to stop Mailswipe from being able to communicate with your Woodpecker account just click ‘Revoke Access’, which will permanently delete your API key from our system. Alternatively you can also choose to delete the API key from your Woodpecker account.

Step 3 - Adding your leads to Woodpecker

Now you’re ready to start adding new leads to your Woodpecker campaigns. From your dashboard select the list of leads you would like to sync to Woodpecker and select Woodpecker from the ‘Sync with’ drop down.

Select the campaign by clicking the ‘Campaigns’ icon.

Then in the popup that opens select your Woodpecker campaign.

Start synchronizing your leads by clicking the ‘Sync’ icon.

What's next?

Are you ready to put your lead gen on auto pilot? Start by discovering new leads with Mailswipe and then add them to your Woodpecker campaigns to reach out at scale.

Get started with your free Mailswipe account today and receive 20 free email credits when you do.

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