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LinkedIn Email Extractor

Our LinkedIn email extract has been designed to take the hard work out of online lead generation.
The process is super simple and will have you collecting data from LinkedIn profiles in minutes.

1. Sign Up For Mailswipe

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2. Install Our Chrome Extension

Add our extension to Chrome with the link provided.

3. Start Collecting Emails

From LinkedIn choose the profiles you want to extract.

Get Email From LinkedIn in Seconds

Mailswipe streamlines the lead generation process and allows you to collect LinkedIn data on your own terms.

Normally you would have to connect with a LinkedIn user to attain their details, which can take time and will not always be successful.

With Mailswipe, you can get email from LinkedIn in seconds with just one click.

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See Your Swiped Data From Mailswipe’s Dashboard

As soon as you swipe a profile’s data from LinkedIn it will instantly appear in your Mailswipe dashboard.

From here you can export the data to CSV for use in mailing lists and email campaigns, or email users individually for that personal touch.

Mailswipe will tell you the status of the profile that it has extracted and if it is a good candidate for outreach activities.

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Find An Email Address From LinkedIn

Want to find an email address from LinkedIn?

Mailswipe can make it happen without trawling through endless LinkedIn profiles trying to grow your connections.

Now you can grab emails, website details and more with just a few clicks. Email marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to reach new clients and customers. It is especially effective in the B2B world, where email connection still reigns supreme.

Our LinkedIn scraper is not like other tools. It give’s you complete control of what profiles you would like to capture and it even helps you verify the emails validity.

If Mailswipe believes the email address to be outdated, not in use or monitored for spam, it will flag it as risky so that you can choose to steer clear. This way you can qualify your leads before you contact them so that you know you are only engaging with people who are genuinely interested.

Our platform comes with a whole host of handy tools to help you keep on top of your email marketing activities. From start ups to multi-nationals, Mailswipe can empower businesses of any size to make real connections without the hassle of making manual connections on LinkedIn.

The best bit about it – it’s free! No credit card required, just sign up to get 20 free swipes now. Make an account today and see what’s possible with Mailswipe.

LinkedIn Data Extractor

Mailswipe’s LinkedIn Data extractor software makes finding new contacts on LinkedIn a breeze. LinkedIn is without a doubt a great tool that all businesses tend to use, but it does have its drawbacks.

For starters, LinkedIn wants you to stay within the platform, and the process of contacting users outside of the LinkedIn realm can be a tricky one. This is great if you want to connect with a few new clients or customers, but not so good if you want to reach people on a bigger scale.

Mailswipe gives you the power to make connection on your own terms, outside of chat boxes and messenger apps. Now you can swipe emails without having to make a connection first, which opens up a lot of new possibilities.

For one thing, your email campaigns can be delivered to your own chosen audience, and this can be as varied or as focused as you would like. Send mass emails to hundreds of users to advertise your services, or offer tailored opportunities to a select few that you want to work with.

The ability to grab email address quickly in a very focused manner can do wonders for your marketing activities. If you’re a B2B company and you’re trying to connect manually to potential clients on LinkedIn, it can take weeks to make only a few contacts.

Mailswipe can do the same thing in just a few hours, meaning you can deliver high quality email campaigns to the types of individuals and companies that you want to work with.

Get the Chrome extension and start pulling LinkedIn data to Mailswipe’s dashboard where you have complete control over your contacts.  Growing your business network is now easier than ever with Mailswipe.

Ready To Start Swiping?

Collect email addresses with one click from within the LinkedIn platform! See your contacts in your Mailswipe dashboard and start sending email campaigns that hit their mark!

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